Ballyhaunis Road / Silverbridge Shopping Centre


Home Catering Menu

A unique service combining all elements of The Food Store. Our produce is made using only the finest local ingredients!


Open Sandwiches on The Food Store Health Loaf

€1.30 each

Ham & Barbecue Sauce, Red Cheddar Cheese, Basil Pesto and Rocket Salad, Turkey & Apple Chutney Stuffing, Open Salmon, Dill Creme Fraiche & Lemon.
Contains gluten from wheat, milk, dioxide suppler and fish

Mini Kebab – 2 Cocktail sticks per person

€1.20 each

Cheddar Cheese & Grapes, Ham & Black Olives, assorted Melon, Spicy Chicken & Apple
Contains milk

Stuffed Mini Wraps

€1.30 each

Ratatouille of Bell Pepper & Chilli, Baked Ham & Whole Grain Mustard Mayonnaise, Goat Cheese & Sun Dried Tomato.
Contains gluten from wheat, mustard, eggs

Mini Quiches

€1.35 each

Baked Ham & Spring Onion, Chicken Fillets, Roast Red Pepper & Basil Pesto, Feta Cheese, Red Onion & Tomato Chutney
Contains gluten from wheat, eggs, milk

Chicken & Mango Spring Rolls

€0.90 each

Contains gluten from wheat

Goats Cheese and Caramelised Onion & Sunflower Seeds Tartlet

€1.35 each

Contains dioxide of sulphur, gluten from wheat

Vegetable Sticks with our Homemade Dips

€0.75 each

Gluten free

Smoked Salon & Lime Roulade

€1.80 each

Contains fish, milk, gluten-free

Mini Fish Cake, Dill & Red Curry

€1.25 each

Contains fish, milk, eggs, gluten from wheat

Mini Vol an Vent

€0.90 each

Assorted with salad of the day filling.
Contains milk, eggs, dioxide of sulphur, gluten from wheat

Mini Turkey & Ham Vol an Vent

€1.20 each

Chicken & Mushroom Vol an Vent

€1.20 each

Mini Sausage Roll

€0.45 each

Contains gluten from wheat, mustard

Chicken Wings

€0.60 each/10 for €5.00

Barbecue/Herb Marinated/Tex Mex
Contains dioxide of sulphur

Chicken Drumsticks

€0.80 each

Barbecue Sauce or Tex Mex
Contains dioxide of sulphur, gluten-free

Barbeque Prok Ribs


Contains dioxide of sulphur

Fruit Scones

€1.25 each

Topped with cream and jam
Contains gluten fro wheat, milk